Our mission is to see you succeed.  We try and offer the most convenient and effective membership options for you and your family.  Choose a plan that makes sense for your needs.

We do not require a contract, but of course there is an incentive for committing to longer membership plans.   We can set up a monthly auto-pay if you like, or you can pay online each month.

The most important thing to us is that you use the plan and achieve your goals.  We will build a custom package for you if thats what is needed.  Or if you are only here for a short period of time, we can work out a limited membership or punch-card option.


Unlimited Single   $115

Unlimited Single (Military/LE/Teacher/Student)   10% Discount

Single 3x per Week:  $85

Single 3x per Week (Military/LE/Teacher/Student)  10% Discount


Unlimited Couple:  $175

Unlimited Couple (Military/LE/Teacher/Student)  10% Discount

Couple 3x per Week:  $125

Couple 3x per Week (Military/LE/Teacher/Student) 10% Discount


(if you have a large family, come in and talk to us about options!)

Unlimited Family (3 people): $225

Unlimited Family (Military/LE/Teacher/Student)  10% Discount)

Family 3x per Week:  $175

Family 3x per Week (Military/LE/Teacher/Student)  10% Discount


Drop-In Class:  $10

Drop-In and a Shirt:  $25